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The main feature of the aluminum alloy box is that it has a particularly strong load-bearing capacity. The box of the same weight or volume is 5-8 times that of other boxes. So how did you achieve weight reduction? The article gives specific answers.
In daily life, the military aluminum alloy toolbox is also a frequently used instrument box. This article mainly introduces what material the military aluminum alloy toolbox is made of.
Generally, aluminum plate, fireproof plate or ABS plate is used as the surface plate. In addition to being able to increase the robustness of the aluminum box
In addition to aluminum and aluminum alloy materials, aluminum alloy toolboxes also need materials such as plates. This article mainly introduces the necessary materials used to make aluminum alloy toolboxes.
Choosing a practical instrument case often requires many measurement elements. This article mainly introduces the method of choosing an instrument case suitable for personal use.
The instrument case itself has strong and durable production quality requirements, so it is widely used to place valuable instruments. So what kind of instrument case is considered to be of good quality? This article gives specific answers.
Aluminum boxes have many excellent characteristics and are widely used in various fields. The article describes the production steps of aluminum boxes in detail.
Military aluminum boxes have the characteristics of solid structure, beautiful appearance, and good heat dissipation performance. They are widely used in military instruments, meters, electronics, communications, automation, and precision machinery.
The inner lining is an indispensable part of the aluminum box, and its production process is also more complicated. The article mainly introduces the material and inner lining of the aluminum box.
it is the different choice of the size and volume of the flight case. Due to the different travel environment, time and traffic, the appropriate model can be selected according to the above factors.
The aluminum alloy instrument case shall be made of aluminum plate or aluminum corrugated plate composite solid wood plate, with aluminum alloy accessories and frame riveting.
Aluminum box is divided into aluminum framed case and full aluminum box.
There appear to be many misconceptions about the differences between polyurethane and polyethylene foam. Here are some facts to help guide you in understanding how these foams differ in their specifications
UV color printing technology can be very good in the aluminum box material coloring, which makes the appearance of the aluminum box​ more ornamental.
Coated aluminum box is a kind of box made of coated aluminum profiles by aluminum box manufacturers. There are two common ways to pretreat the surface of aluminum box: chromic acid passivation and phosphating. The main function of chromating is to prevent
Aluminum case, which is made of high-quality aluminum alloy profiles, has the characteristics of solid structure, beautiful appearance and convenient use. It is widely used in beauty salon, tool combination, jewelry watch, stage, instrument, electronics,
Aluminum case mainly refers to the aluminum alloy material as the framework, ABS, MDF, plywood (multi-layer board) as the panel, with frame, corners, handle, lock and other accessories combined into the case.
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refers to the tool to assist the owner to deal with these problems in the event of a fault or accident. Generally included emergency hammer, first aid kit, large-capacity fire extinguisher, collapsible reflective warning sign, car inverter, over-fire line