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How to reduce the weight of the aluminum alloy box?

2021-07-16 17:21:33

The main feature of the aluminum alloy box is that it has a particularly strong load-bearing capacity. The box of the same weight or volume is 5-8 times that of other boxes. More and more customers choose aluminum alloy boxes as the outer packaging boxes of their products. The market for aluminum alloy boxes The possession is also increasing. But for aluminum alloy boxes, the weight of the box is proportional to the weight of the products inside. The heavier the product, the stronger the load-bearing capacity of the box. The thicker the plates and aluminum profiles used will be, and the weight will naturally increase.

First of all, the materials used by the aluminum box manufacturers are aluminum alloy profiles and aluminum frames, which are composed of many accessories, including corners, mouthpieces, profiles, handles, wheels and other accessories. Among them, the important plates and aluminum profiles of the box body can be made of materials provided by high-quality suppliers, and the same support strength will reduce the weight.

Secondly, under the premise of not affecting the quality of the aluminum alloy box, seek for new technical products. For example, start with tie rods, wheels, rivets, hardware accessories, etc., communicate with suppliers, make samples, etc., and use composite materials through accessories to reduce the weight of the overall box to the greatest extent. The thermal conductivity and specific heat capacity of aluminum alloy are relatively high. In the process of welding into a box, heat will be quickly transferred to the inside of the base metal, resulting in useless energy consumption. Therefore, in the process of welding into a box, energy concentration and Powerful energy.

In the process of welding aluminum alloy into a box in the air, it is very easy to oxidize, generate solid impurities, which are difficult to remove, hinder the melting and fusion of the base material, and the oxide film will absorb a large amount of moisture, making the process of welding into an aluminum alloy box Air bubbles are generated in the aluminum alloy, so before welding, the oxide film on the surface of the aluminum alloy should be removed, and the protection should be strengthened to prevent oxidation during the welding process.


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