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Best Portable Outdoor Camping Kitchen Box

2022-03-14 10:17:59

Best Portable Outdoor Camping Kitchen Box – KASSICO


Those who like self driving travel and outdoor camping are becoming active again. Of course, the best way to start a beautiful outdoor trip is camping and picnic. Take your children or some friends and cook a big meal in the wild. Are you excited to think about it!


Many times, the happiness of our outdoor cooking food is brought to us by a set of super easy-to-use portable "mobile kitchen". This outdoor mobile kitchen is the best set of kitchenware for outdoor travel. There are camping kitchen boxes, pots and pans, knives, forks, shovels and cans, stove tables, stools and teapots. Are they fully functional. The expansion and contraction are very simple and convenient, and the trunk takes up half of the space,


If you often travel by car, like outdoor camping and have certain requirements for delicious food, this set of outdoor mobile kitchen is very worth buying. If you travel occasionally or make do with your diet, forget it. Yes, that's it. Ha ha.


Advantages of outdoor mobile kitchen:

Small size, portable belt, competent for a variety of cooking methods, both mobile kitchen and dining table, game entertainment table and leisure tea bar, with low use cost!


A small square box less than half a cubic meter looks like an outdoor incubator. It is equipped with wheels and hand levers, which can be dragged freely.


The magic of this mobile kitchen is that it is not only a kitchen, but also a storage box and trunk. It can store outdoor cooking equipment together. It is small, solid and durable. It can be put into the trunk of various models, which is convenient and practical.


Present Situation:

At present, there are few styles of outdoor mobile kitchens in China, led by Bu Lin. Most of them are made of stainless steel, which is heavy and difficult to carry and drag. The structure is too complex and it is troublesome to unfold and collapse. Jd.com and tmall have the most evaluation that they will not be closed after opening. They need men or people with certain practical ability to use them. Our mobile kitchen box is made of aluminum alloy, The utility model has the advantages of light weight, beautiful appearance, easy cleaning, simple structure, easy expansion and folding, and is equipped with a pull rod and wheels, which is easy to carry. And the box has super storage space and built-in compartment, which is convenient for separating and taking and placing items.


Kassico kitchen box is a portable outdoor multifunctional mobile kitchen box, which can not only be used for the kitchen console during outdoor camping and dinner, but also store outdoor kitchenware, tableware and other appliances, including a pull rod toolbox made of all aluminum alloy plate, fix the left and right expansion plates with rotating nuts on both sides of the toolbox, and extend the left cover plate and support foot to the left, Extend the right cover plate and support foot to the right. The expansion plate is square. At the same time, the expansion plate can be extended infinitely from left to right. The support foot can be used as a table and cook directly. The supporting foot is a sleeve, which can be freely retracted to adjust the height. The pull rod and wheel are convenient to push, pull and carry weight items, which can make the user more convenient and convenient when moving, and fully portable. The kitchen box is made of aluminum alloy plate, which has certain aesthetics, and is ultra light, durable, impact resistant, easy to clean, stackable, and has certain tightness. The box can use a separator to store most kitchen supplies for easy access to appliances.


The expansion board is easy to install and disassemble, convenient to expand and shrink, time-saving and labor-saving. It can effectively use the limited space to maximize the use. It is especially suitable for outdoor camping, cross-country, RV, fishing, survey and other field life

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