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Aluminum Storage Boxes and Containers For Outdoors, Overlanding, Camping and Adventure

KASSICO, a leading aluminum box factory in Ningbo, China, has 22 years of production experience, specialized in manufacturing aluminum boxes, cases and containers. Provides a wide range of standard and customized boxes for global customers. We supply full custom service, including developing OEM & ODM projects. all products can be customized by size, color, logo, foam, accessories and more. Our company owns 15000m2 factory area and more than 200 sets of advanced manufacturing equipments, Perfect and rigorous QC system. Also, we have passed the ISO9001: 2015, BSCI, IAF Quality Management System Certification. We will be your reliable suppliers, and we will try our best to serve you better and to be your honest partner.

This alu box is strong and stackble, has the characteristics of lightweight, collision-proof, anti-corrosion, shockproof, waterproof, acid-proof, alkali-proof and compression-proof. the material of the case is recyclable and recyclable, Full aluminium sheet has good strength, rigidity and dimensional stability

Multipurpose use
The boxes are ideal for transporting electronics, cameras, drones, food & kitchen equipment, guns & hunting gear, or anything else you need on your trek. We can work with you to provide custom finishes and bespoke linings made in our factory to provide you with the ultimate in protection.
Large Capacity

The Aluminum Box is a high-quality, durable storage solution for your adventures. Our Aluminum Boxes are specifically designed to withstand the rigors of off-road travel, camping, and can provide more storage capacity and are lighter than comparable boxes made from other materials.
Strong and Sturdy
The Aluminum Boxes are constructed of extra strong alloy aluminum sheeting, sturdy, durable, sealing, impact and corrosion resistance, recyclable and recyclable, Aluminum alloy material is non-magnetic and will not damage electronic products. making them perfect for storing all your gear on camping or traveling trips.
High quality accessories
The lid features a stainless-steel hinge, the material of the case is recyclable and recyclabletwo lid straps and a polyurethane seal, providing a watertight and dustproof seal. The ergonomic heavy-duty drop handles make it easy to open and close the aluminum box, even when loaded down with gear. Two side handles for easy carrier and storing. The stacking corners provide elevated level of stability.

Advantages of Using Modern Aluminum Storage Boxes

When it comes to transport and storage cases, it's crucial to find a solution that is lightweight, easy to carry, and durable. In the past, metal boxes were heavy and cumbersome, but modern storage options, such as aluminum boxes, have revolutionized the industry. Here's why you should consider switching to an aluminum storage box:

Lightweight and Sturdy

KASSICO aluminum boxes are designed to be tough and resilient while remaining conveniently lightweight. If you've ever worked with aluminum, you know how easy it is to carry, even over long distances. These boxes won't add unnecessary weight, yet they can securely transport your personal items and more whenever needed.

Aluminum boasts a higher fracture toughness compared to many other metal-based cases. It excels in withstanding fractures, impacts, mechanical breakage, and won't easily crack, tear, or wear out.

Anti-corrosion and Versatility in Any Environment:

One of the most significant advantages of aluminum boxes is their resistance to corrosion, making them suitable for various environments. Whether you place the box in a high-humidity area, under direct sunlight, or in extreme temperatures, you can trust that it will remain functional and keep your possessions safe and secure.

With an aluminum case, you can focus on what items you're bringing or moving to another location without worrying about content degradation or significant damage to the box. Aluminum is highly durable and can withstand prolonged exposure with minimal wear and tear.

Safe Storage for Electronics:

 An aluminum storage case provides effective protection against EMI (electromagnetic interference) and RFI (radio-frequency interference), as well as ESD (electrostatic discharges). This feature proves invaluable when storing expensive and sensitive electronics, where any breakage is simply not an option.

As a metal, aluminum is odorless, non-sparking, non-magnetic, non-flammable, and non-toxic to humans. This means you can confidently use an aluminum box to store various items, whether it's food, clothing, equipment, or anything else that requires secure and safe storage.

By opting for modern aluminum storage boxes, you benefit from their lightweight design, exceptional durability, corrosion resistance, and enhanced protection for sensitive electronics. KASSICO offers a range of reliable aluminum storage solutions to meet your specific needs, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in the safety of your stored items.