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All Aluminum Magnesium Alloy Travel Luggage - 20/24/26/29 inch Trolley Suitcase

1. Capacity options: 20 inches to carry with you (to meet the size restrictions of most people who want to travel on business) and 24, 26, 29 inches of rotators (maximum packaging capacity, very suitable for long-distance travel)
2. Security: The code lock can provide security protection when checking luggage.
3. Easy to carry: The box can be expanded to increase the packaging capacity. The ultra-light, sturdy shell can withstand the harsh tests of modern travel. Four multi-directional double rotating wheels can roll 360 degrees vertically, so there is no weight on the arms or shoulders
4. Convenient to organize luggage: The cross belt protects the luggage in the luggage, prevents the damaged luggage from moving, and also helps to keep the items in the luggage in order
5. Applicable scenarios: very suitable for air travel, road travel, family travel or business travel