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Aluminum Military Cases are designed to stand up to the most demanding conditions in every possible situation. Armed forces, government agencies, and prime contractors rely on Kassico to provide rugged, durable aluminum cases and containers for every military application.

Our military boxes are fireproof, waterproof, shockproof, anti-corrosion, anti-collision and portable. used in army training and battle, government emergency rescue, Such products or equipment include guns, ammunition, missiles, aircraft devices, equipment or parts, surveillance equipment, consumables, logistical systems, defense systems, lifesaving equipment and so much more, etc. They can hold heavy loads without breaking apart, So it is very suitable for military use, It provides safe transportation of communication system, equipment, ammunition and gun packaging and emergency equipment.

For delicate equipment requiring custom foam interiors or fully isolated rack-mounting systems, Our engineering department can design a case solution based on drawings, measurements, or from the equipment itself.