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Aluminum Dog Box For Utes - Truck Dog CratesCage China Manufacturer - KASSICO
 Each of our dog boxes features a corrosion-resistant aluminum  construction, a stainless steel locking system and a top tie-down rail  for extra cargo storage. This double-door truck kennel is constructed  from extra-thick aluminum for increased structural strength and enhanced  protection for your dogs. It is equipped with stainless steel,  key-operated T-handles on each door for reliable security and lasting  corrosion resistance. It also features a vented design to help keep your  dog comfortable, particularly in warmer temperatures. The locking  mechanism of this dog tool box provides excellent security for your  items, featuring stainless steel, key-operated paddle handles. Stainless  steel construction supplies the locks with long-lasting corrosion  resistance, and they feature an internal connecting rod that allows the  lid to be opened from either side of the truck. All dog boxes come with a  welded rail on top, providing a solid strapping anchor for tying down  other cargo and maximizing the storage space in your truck bed.

  • 2.0mm thickness Aluminum Plate To Protect Valued Dogs

  • 3-sided vented design allows excellent airflow to keep your dog comfortable

  • Insulated Top Compartment Creates A Rigid Wall Of Insulation, Strength And Security

  • Stainless Steel T-Handle Lock Provides Strength, Security And Rust Free Product Life

  • Carrying Rail On Top Of Dog Box For Easy, Convenient Handling

  • Cleanout Ports At Back Of Each Compartment

  • Welded rail provides convenient tiedown points for dogs and means of securing the box to truck side rail tiedowns.

Dedicated to professional workers and tradesmen, a complete assortment of  commercial storage and carrier solutions at a great value. we have 22  years experiences of producing tool box, providing a complete OEM/ODM  service from design to manufacturing, packing and logitics, also accept  customized size, color, logo, material, accessories, For the workman  looking for tough, well built storage and carrying solutions, that are  as hard working as you are. Premier boxes and accessories designed to  transport your valued dogs and dog equipment safely and securely.